Web3 for business

Stable cloud credits on the blockchains you use.

Introducing Z!P

Pay once, use anywhere. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tezos, Cosmos... a hundred chains, a thousand tokens, and all of it too volatile to plan your business around. Zip does away with the complexity. It's one credit you use across all blockchains, with no price volatility. Stick to what you know, with quarterly pricing updates and no hidden fees.

Empowering dev teams

We don't lock you to our chain. In fact, we don't have one. Use Zip on the chain you use.

  • Metamask-compatible
  • One-click transactions
  • Predictable pricing
  • Easily configurable
  • Use anywhere
  • Lightweight API

We believe blockchain should adapt to business, not business to blockchain. Zip takes the complexity out of web3, so you can focus on your business.

Feel at home

We're not here to uproot Ethereum. Or Bitcoin. Or any other chain. We're here to help you build on what you love.


Zip works across blockchain networks, so you can build on Ethereum today, and Fetch.AI tomorrow, or both at the same time. One credit, all blockchains.

Cloud credits

Zip buys you real compute on real chains. We price in terms of usage, so Zip won't buy you less tomorrow than it does today.

Stable pricing

No more volatility. No more dollar pegs. Quarterly pricing updates in your currency of choice, so you can plan your costs.


Theo Turner

Lead developer, blockchain and machine learning background, MEng.

Geoff LeFevre

Token engineering lead, expertise in crypto-economics and AI, MSc.

Jamie Burke

CEO of Outlier Ventures. Experienced blockchain startup blitz-scaler.

Aron van Ammers

Serial CTO, 15 years in software, blockchain expert, MSc.

Joel John

Blockchain analyst, DeFi and blockchain research background, BBA.


Angela Kreitenweis

Head of Token Engineering Global.

Eden Dhaliwal

Global Managing Director of Conflux.

Toby Simpson

CTO & Co-Founder of Fetch.AI.

Alessio Treglia

Head of EMEA Partnerships at Tendermint.

Jack Laing

Governance Lead at Pocket Network.

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